Book: Amber and Rye: A Baltic food journey

In the Baltics, two worlds meet: the Baltic Sea joins Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Amber & Rye explores this area, guiding you around the capitals, sharing stories and discovering a dynamic, new style of cooking.

Book: Polska – New Polish Cooking

I call myself a “Storyteller Cook”, because everything I do is to do with  cooking and telling stories through the medium of food. I want to inspire the world to cook and eat more Polish food.
I have written a cookbook “Polska” – a love letter to the country where I was born – that has been published in the UK, America, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

A Storyteller Cook

Zuza Zak

“Capturing the spirit of the nation”

The Independent



“The antidote to Brexit”

The Food Programme, BBC Radio 4


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