Savoury porridge

This wondrous spotted creature is my savoury porridge 
It’s loosely based on these breakfast soups that I eat in Thailand, which are made out of rice –  a British version, I guess. I cooked the oats with water and a little salt, then added some beef stock. I topped it off with bits of crispy pre-fried onion and garlic, soya sauce and tabasco. I absolutely loved it, but if you don’t think your stomach could handle this first thing, then it would also make a lovely, warming supper. I take my leave of you now for a little while, as I go to Poland on an emergency visit. My beautiful Babcia Ziuta (that’s my grandma), one of the people I love most on the entire planet, is in critical condition in hospital. I have no idea what’s going to happen next. It’s one of those times when the immensity of life hits you straight in the face