Book: Slavic Kitchen Alchemy

Steeped in ancient wisdom, magic and folktales, this illustrated scrapbook of Slavic lore offers natural remedies, healing recipes and wellbeing rituals. This book is infused with ancient wisdom passed down the generations, a treasure trove of old ways to make your life gentler, sweeter and more in tune with the rhythms of nature.

Book: Pierogi

The essential cookbook for preparing perfect Polish dumplings at home. Delve deep into regional recipes from all over Poland with the traditional ingredients and stories that define these delicious dumplings. From the Baltic Sea with its abundance of fish, to the unique smoky and sour flavours of the mountainous south and beyond, discover endless options to satisfy every craving. As well as regional classics, Zuza Zak offers sweet and savoury dumplings for every occasion. With new and original creations, plus crowd-pleasing vegan and gluten-free options, Pierogi is a fascinating celebration of this beloved Polish speciality.

Book: Amber and Rye: A Baltic food journey

In the Baltics, two worlds meet: the Baltic Sea joins Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Amber & Rye explores this area, guiding you around the capitals, sharing stories and discovering a dynamic, new style of cooking.

Book: Polska – New Polish Cooking

I call myself a “Storyteller Cook”, because everything I do is to do with cooking and telling stories through the medium of food. I want to inspire the world to cook and eat more Polish food.




I have written a cookbook “Polska” – a love letter to the country where I was born – that has been published in the UK, America, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

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