Courgette “placki” – a quick, easy and healthy supper

“Placki” are where it all began as far as the slavic people are concerned. In Russia, they might say blini is where it all began, but that’s just splitting hairs. Placki are everything that has that flat, round shape, and blini come under that category too. Archaeological evidence shows that slavs have making placki for thousands of years. Not from courgettes, mind, but we are evolving here.


I’m not one of those people who typically plans my meals. When I do go to the shop with a plan in mind and a list in hand, I usually end of rebelling against it and using those ingredients for an entirely different purpose. My favourite meals usually come from whatever is in the cupboard and my own imagination. These courgettes were something that we need to use up before our journey to Krak√≥w, so I grated them, along with an onion, I added some flour and an egg, I seasoned it all well with salt, white pepper, nutmeg and garlic granules and fried them in batches in a little bit of rapeseed oil to make an unusual version of placki. I served them with yoghurt (soured cream would be perfect), black pepper, some cherry tomatoes and a sprinkling of sea salt. They make a lovely, light meal.


3 courgettes (zucchini), grated on the finest setting
1 onion, grated to mush
100g plain flour
1 egg
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon white pepper
1/4 teaspoon garlic granules

Rapeseed oil for frying

Soured cream or yoghurt to serve
Some cherry tomatoes to serve