Boho Mexicana, Spitalfields

While we’re on the subject of going out, here’s a great little place in east London. I came here with a few international girlfriends last week to eat dinner, drink Blueberry Mojitos and discuss life. It made me think about how much I love interesting women. By interesting I don’t mean mysterious, hyperactive, weird or aloof – I sometimes think that these qualities disguise the fact that someone isn’t particularly interesting. I mean people with a strong sense of themselves, who grow and develop like characters in a good book. Women who can be both kind and supportive, yet at the same time challenge my way of seeing the world. They’re priceless and always I try to keep people like that in my world, because with them you will never be lost for long
Boho Mexicana was a lot of fun. The Blueberry Mojitos were criminally more-ish. I would not, however, recommend what I had to eat – the tamal de frijol bean thing. Unlike my company, it was lacking in something… Magda had a delicious, spicy baby squid dish (up there) that she shared with me – she’d made the best choice. The leche cake our charming Venezuelan waiter suggested did not disappoint. Price-wise I would put it in the medium bracket – aprox £35-45 with cocktails. The atmosphere is fun and fabulous, ideal for a girlie get-together, though probably not terribly romantic, what with the flirtatious south-American waiters and all