My birthday cake

I’ve had a lot of crap birthdays. It may be something to do with my birthday being so close to Christmas (21st December)… But this year I decided to have a fabulous one instead. I started celebrating on Friday 16th and felt like it was my birthday until Thursday 22nd. I celebrated across three countries and with about 50 different people in total. This is the cake I had for breakfast in a small castle near Poznan

It was light and fluffy with dark chocolate topping and a blueberry filling – beautiful. And this is the delicious venison I ate while celebrating in a restaurant in Holland – “De Woord” near Wintersveik (I recommend highly at this time of year, when they have the “Wild” menu i.e. game season)
And that’s me, my mum and my favourite auntie up there, in her converted farmhouse in The Netherlands. She’s just beaten breast cancer and is looking fabulous!
I’ve had a lot of time to think in the last few days, travelling across Europe. While reading my present from Ruby – “Icons of Fashion: 20th Century” – one thing in particular has stood out and inspired me, which I promised myself that I’d keep in mind while writing my cookbook, although I think you can apply it to anything creative:

“It is very important to preserve traditions and culture. The idea is not… to make sweeping changes, but to be careful not to do things in the same way”

.(“Comme de Garcons” founder Rei Kawakubo)